School Requirements

Facilitators will bring their own equipment, however, schools will need to ensure that teachers are present for the session, and provide:

  • Adequate space to accommodate student numbers

  • Audio/visual solution (at minimum: power +  a surface to project onto) 

  • Microphone for classes with over 50 students. 

Student Numbers

We can accommodate groups of any size. We recommend:

Student Requirements

Students will need a pen/paper & a digital device (if possible).

*We'll just need a heads up if digital devices aren't available so we can sort out paper copies of our resources. 

Booking Requirements

The program is designed as a series and is best delivered in order; however, it can be booked as a whole program, a single topic, or an individual stand alone one-off experience.




  • 30 students for optimal experience

  • Whole cohorts if logistics are a concern.