WAY TO BE – WORKSHOPS is an in-school incursion program designed to support the mental health of high-school students, by providing them with the soft skills to thrive in an increasingly uncertain world.

Students who complete the program will gain access to tools that are typically reserved for therapeutic settings,

allowing them to take responsibility for the development of:

i) a strong sense of identity, a healthy self-esteem, and the resilience needed to cope with personal changes.

ii) the skills to identify and meet their own needs and wants, including emotional regulation strategies for to day to day use and in moments of extreme stress, when their needs aren't being met.

iii) communication skill that foster healthy relationships and improves the chance of everyone's getting what they want. 

Workshops were made in collaboration with and under the review of an Educational and Developmental Psychologist.

Influenced by positive psychology, the sessions focus on strengthening students’ existing abilities; differing from other programs that aim to bridge the gap in students’ deficiencies.

The sessions are designed using Bernice McCarthy's 4-Mat Model. They structure learning in a way that allows for a range of different learning styles, giving students the opportunity so experience, conceptualise, apply and refine a single concept. 

Each session is interactive, including stories, games, and activities designed to build knowledge and test the concepts, tools, and skills that are offered. With a focus on synthesis, classes end with a student-led discussions allowing students to exchange ideas around if, when, and how they might use anything offered to them during the session. 

The Stages


The WAY TO BE program covers three topics over three stages:

*Click on each stage for details. 

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