Chantelle Goulevitch


Chantelle has been working in behaviour related fields since 2003 and is known as an impactful educator and skillful instructional designer.


Prior to founding Think Sideways, Chantelle contributed to the development and deployment of Start Smart, the world’s largest financial literacy program.

Since, she has worked with businesses such as Karrikins Group and Ernst and Young on the instructional design of a range of programs including, Digital Ignition | Mapura Matihiko for the Ministry of Education in New Zealand, and the Affordable Cars for Employment (ACE) pilot for the Brothers of St Laurence' Saver Plus service.


Erin Love


Erin has Bachelor of Arts in Applied Theatre and almost 15 years’ experience working in arts and business management.


She is currently the Business Manager for the Nosworthy Group who architect 

transformational experiences for leaders across the globe.

Erin’s previous projects include leading Start Smart on behalf of the Commonwealth Bank Foundation as well as the creation and implementation of school based programs for organisations such as Optus, ASB and most recently Character Builders.

Erin has a passion for organisational excellence, process optimisation and

meaningful reporting.


Our Collaborators

Lucy Ivers


Lucy has been facilitating school based programs for over 10 years. 


She has represented some of Australia's largest brands teaching topics such as financial literacy, digital safety and online presence, sexuality, self efficacy, and personal development. 


She has received exclusively positive feedback from teachers and students in classrooms across the country, and is known for being an entertaining, relatable, and impactful presenter. 

Lucy's expertise and passion is in supporting youth to make informed decisions that build meaningful lives. 

Lucy look profesh.png

WAY TO BE is written, researched and delivered by a team with over 30 years of the collective experience

in education. We specialise in behaviour change, instructional design, and facilitation. 

Michael Duhig MAPS FCEDP


Michael Duhig MAPS FCEDP is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist with over 10 years of research and clinical experience.


Michael has authored several scientific articles across a range of topics including autism spectrum disorder, psychosis, childhood trauma and paediatric pharmacology.


Michael's unique research and clinical skills have prompted several positions on various panels for Queensland Health, Queensland University of Technology, and the Australian Psychological Society.  


Michael is passionate about improving child and youth mental health outcomes particularly those impacted by developmental disability.


WAY TO BE is created in collaboration with and under the review of an Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Our Team